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IBM Innovation Ecosystem - Startup with IBM

An interview with Pascal Allot, IBM Innovation Ecosystem Director. We talk about what IBM offers startups in Switzerland to support them on their journey. We also discuss Big Tech's interest in Financial Services and most likely areas of innovation focus related to FinTech.

Futurae Technologies - Founder story: When a dog is not enough to protect your assets!

An interview with Sandra Tobler, co-founder and CEO of Futurae Technologies, Zurich based cybersecurity start-up. Futurae provides multi-factor authentication tools to corporate clients from Financial Services, Insurance and Healthcare sectors. We talk about the need to strike the right balance between security, user experience and privacy. Sandra also compares the start-up scene in Silicon Valley to the one in Switzerland.

Yova - Founder story: Make the world a better place and make money at the same time!

An interview with Tillmann Lang, CEO and co-founder of Yova. Yova is a platform for retail clients to invest in line with their values - Yova stands for Your Values! With Yova, individual clients can make sustainable and socially responsible investments effortlessly.

Enterprise Bot - Founder(s) story: Customer service that works!

Co-founders Ravina Mutha and Pranay Jain explain their (sometimes adventurous) entrepreneurial journey so far. We talk about why they chose to be entrepreneurs from an early age and why their AI-powered chatbot is enterprise-ready. Multilingual natural language processing (NLP) is the core of their technology.

Soundbite: AI - Augmented Intelligence or the Rise of the Robots?

We caught up with Dorian Selz, CEO and co-founder of Squirro, an award-winning Swiss AI scale-up on the side of the first of Voice of FinTech Live Speaker Series event in Zurich. We discussed whether AI will augment our abilities, so we become a better version of ourselves, or should we fear being replaced by robots powered by AI? In the soundbite, Dorian explains why he believes in the success of Augmented Intelligence.

Soundbite: The Future is Asian by Dr. Parag Khanna

The Future is Asian writes Dr. Parag Khanna in his latest book. We caught up on the side of the Asia Society's event in Zurich to quickly explain why in this soundbite.

Union Park Ventures: From a banker to a VC investor

An interview with Jatin Rajput, former Head of Strategy / Corporate M&A APAC at Deutsche Bank Singapore and now Partner at Union Park Ventures in New York, about how he became interested in investing in B2B and financial inclusion focused FinTechs and his views on digital transformation and FinTech buzz words and megatrends.

RegPac Revolution and F10 Hackathon Singapore

An interview with Mona Zoet, founder of RegPac Revolution, RegTech ecosystem builder & accelerator based in Singapore and F10 Hackaton Singapore's local partner.

digitalswitzerland - Platform to drive digital transformation across the country

An interview with Matthias Zwingli, Project Manager Start-up Enablement at digitalswitzerland. digitalswitzerland is a non-profit organization, whose mission is making Switzerland a leading digital innovation hub. Matthias explains the activities of digitalswitzerland and shares the views on digital transformation and the start-up ecosystem in Switzerland vs. the rest of the world.

Silkpay - Founder story: Chinese mobile payment acceptance solutions (Alipay and WeChat Pay) for European merchants

An interview with Annie Guo, CEO and founder of Silkpay. Annie talks about her passion for running her own company and how Silkpay connects European merchants and Chinese tourists using Alipay and WeChat Pay so they can pay in Europe just like they are used to at home.

Monito - Founder story: Stop overpaying when sending money abroad!

An interview with Francois Briod, CEO & co-founder of Monito, a comparison website for foreign exchange services. He explains how he and his co-founders became frustrated with excessive foreign exchange fees and rates and launched a company that compares rates (including all the fees) among banks and money transfer FinTechs and shows you the best deal!

Veridian Ventures - Business angel syndicate

An interview with Marwan El-Hakim, Partner at London based Veridian Ventures and INSEAD alumnus, about he started angel investing, how business angel syndicates like Veridian Ventures work and his crucial advice for the founders.

Redalpine - European Technology and Health Tech VC

An interview with Harald Nieder, Partner at Redalpine, leading VC firm based in Zurich, investing in Technology (including FinTech) and Health Tech businesses in Europe. Harald explains how he started investing in start-ups and what the VC firms like his are looking for when investing in start-ups.

Toquity - Cap table solution for founders and investors by INSEAD alumni

An interview with Mazin Biviji, INSEAD alumnus, co-founder of Paris based start-up Toquity, about simplifying everything equity. A dynamic cap table solution leveraging blockchain.

Founders Factory - Global partner for start-ups and scale-ups

An interview with Kelvin Au, Head of Venture at Founders Factory in London, about how he got to do what he loves and what is Founders Factory, a global technology incubator and accelerator, all about.

Investiere - Investment platform for start-ups in Switzerland

An interview with David Sidler, Head of Investor Relations at Investiere. Investiere is a Zurich based investment platform for qualified investors to invest in start-ups. David explains how Investiere finds suitable investment opportunities, what investors can expect from the platform and what start-ups need to do to get on the platform.

Bambus - DACH FinTech founder story

An interview with Franz Hoerhager, the co-founder of the home equity diversification platform called Bambus, active in Germany and Austria and a recent graduate of the F10 Accelerator Program in Zurich.

Odysseus Alternative Ventures - Venture builder

Minh Q. Tran, Managing Partner InsurTech at Odysseus Alternative Ventures, former GP of AXA Ventures, explains why he founded a venture builder company after many years in VC in Media, Telecom and Insurance and how it differs from a traditional VC or an alternative fund.

Apiax - RegTech founder story

Ralf Huber, the co-founder of Apiax, explains why and how he co-founded Apiax, an award winning Swiss RegTech company, with offices in Zurich, Geneva, London and Lisbon.

AXAnauten - Open Innovation with AXA

An interview with Claudia Bienentreu, Head Open Innovation AXA Switzerland, also known as AXAnauten. AXA is the leading insurer in worldwide and in Switzerland. Claudia explains why AXA partners up with start-ups and how.

F10 - Home of FinTech

An interview with Andy Iten, co-founder of F10, also known as the Home of FinTech, leading FinTech incubator and accelerator in Switzerland and Lisa Schroeder, Program Manager at F10. If you are a FinTech start-up with an idea, an investor looking to put money work or a corporate looking for innovative solutions, check out what F10 can do for you.

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